After dismantling my nano dutch style planted tank named “The Dutch Nano” I started to draw another blueprint of a danish style aquarium in my mind. And I always feel an unstoppable adrenaline rush in my body, I started to build a new one. And within “3-4” days I started my dutch journey again.

A train changed it’s route

After a few days I felt like I am more interested in “RED”s. I mean the red plants seemed more eye-soothing to me. After A few days I just met someone named Ahmed Nabil Abdullah(An wise aquarist indeed) who just told me about “Danish style aquarium” which contains red plants in the most of the part of an aquarium. “And that will be the the first and only danish style aquarium in Bangladesh“, he added. so I couldn’t resist the greed to be the first one. I started searching red plants.

The journey begins 

By digging all the shop stocks I just found one red plant named “Rotala wallichii”. I started my “The Danish Nano” with a great disappointment. I rescued my half dead “Rotala Macandra”, “Ammania Gracillis” from my reserve bucket.


New journey – New equipments

In my last journey I learnt some lessons in harsh ways. So I decided to change my equipments. I bought a pressurised CO2 system, new soil (ADA Amazonia).

I bought an LED system named “Flexi Mini” which is an over-expensive light system and was not available in my country. Some people promised me to help but they didn’t. But somehow I found a solution and was able to get one.11745845_10204523468186132_7911694804086242584_n.jpg 11950401_10204846017409661_7345278021459810154_o


The dream came true 

Within 2-3 weeks my plants started to show their colour. They turned red, purple red in some cases. Pearling was an “all in the day’s work” in my tank. Admiring the “Red riding hood” with a cup of coffee in my hand was my daily routine. I felt like I was in heaven  while it rained outside and I was playing Tagore’s “Mone robe ki na robe amare” in my sound system.


After a few months my tank was spotted by “Marie-Sophie Germain”,the global manager of “Dennerle International. And specially “The Founder of Danish Style Aquarium©”. She asked me for permission to share the photo of my “Danish Style Nano”. And then the page honoured me by authorising my tank as the first danish style aquarium of Bangladesh.

Click here to see the post


And finally people’s nicknack(backstabbing) knelt down before my hard-work!

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